The App Cubby Jr Sale

One of the things that saddens me about the internet is how it tends to strip the humanity from human interaction. People hide behind the perceived anonymity to do some rather inhuman things. The App Store seems to have become a microcosm of those unhealthy tendencies. Developers are lambasted for charging anything over $0.99, reviews are often irrelevant and mean spirited, and most people have absolutely no idea the time, effort, and creativity that goes into the apps they buy.

Though I didn’t intend for the App Cubby blog to become such a personal revelation of the life and challenges of an independent iPhone developer, that’s what it’s become, and I’ve received lots of positive feedback for being so open. In the spirit of that openness, I have some very big news…

Mrs. App Cubby (Elizabeth) and I are expecting baby #2!

These kids don’t feed, clothe, and shelter themselves you know, so we’ve decided to hold an “App Cubby Jr” sale. This week only, you can buy any App Cubby app for twice the normal price! 100% of proceeds go toward diapers, food, our insurance deductible, and other baby related expenses.

If you think this is just a greedy publicity stunt, don’t buy any of my apps this week. But if you appreciate my attempts to humanize iPhone development, recognize all the hard work I’ve put into my apps, and want to see the ambitious apps currently in development, please consider purchasing one (or all) of my apps this week while they are “on sale.”